Why do I need a business portrait (or headshot)?

Call them headshots, business portraits, profile pictures… you can’t escape them.

I know you and you know me.  If we’re connected through social media, there’s no hiding.  I’ve seen your profile picture.


As a photographer, I’ll be the first to say I don’t like the online, digital world that blares at us through bright, harsh, unforgiving screens every day.  However, I can’t change reality.


What I can do is make sure the image you share of yourself with the world represents you in impressive detail.


There’s a great podcast on CBC radio’s Under the Influence that talks all about the art of personal branding. It’s worth a listen (and for you moms of tweens and teens, it’s worth a family conversation, too!) Try this fun online tool to see how your current profile photo is perceived.


Yes, you’re a brand, and in the world of social media images are everything. But for me, it’s still about a relationship, specifically, your relationship with yourself.


Honor that with a professional business portrait created in studio or on location. Contact us and we’ll find an option that works for you!