What is the best Mother’s Day gift?

What will you give your mother for Mother’s Day? Better yet, if you are also a mom, what will you give yourself for Mother’s Day? How will you acknowledge to yourself the special bond in your life?

I also understand that Mother’s Day might bring up tough emotions. Maybe you are missing your own mother, maybe you aren’t a mother yet but would like to be a mother.  My heart goes out to you.

What’s all this have to do with photography? This past week I had the joy of photographing a mom and her two daughters. I have known them for many years and was anxious to see them again, to see how much they’ve grown, to hear about their interests, to be a part of their lives for a few moments in time and to capture the beauty of the bonds they share.

Mother and daughters

Like many moms, she first approached me 8 years ago to take portraits of her young daughters. It was never about her; with moms, it usually never is. Back then, we had arranged to have a makeup artist and hair stylist on site. The girls were dressed in pretty clothes. Mom just came with a t-shirt, jeans, and no makeup.

Moms always focus on their children. I know it’s a mad rush to get your children ready and be on time for your photography session, and to have everything ‘just right’. As your professional photographer, I’m always thinking about the memories we are capturing together. I see beyond the clothes, the hair, the makeup. I see the joy, the beauty of the moment in time in your lives that I’ve been commissioned to memorialize (which you might not be able to see in the midst of the tantrums, messy hair, and dirty faces).

While moms (and dads too!) always want to have memories of their children when they were young, what about your children? Your children can’t tell you when they’re young how much someday they will appreciate having photographs with you in them too! You have this wonderful time together that you want to remember – they will want to be able to remember it someday too. They will want to see themselves with their mom, just as they remember her from their childhood.

Let’s go back in time to 8 years ago. These last images are truly special. These images weren’t supposed to be, they weren’t part of this mom’s ‘vision’ for the session. Mom hadn’t planned to be in any portraits. Her hair wasn’t done, she didn’t have a special dress on.  But I made her do it anyways. I just made her jump in. I’m so glad she did.

Mother daughter love

Mom and daughters

With Mother’s Day just around the corner, and many moms also booking their children for spring photography sessions, acknowledge to yourself the wonderful woman that you are. I see it. I’m ready to help you see it too. This year, think about giving the gift of yourself to your family. Jump in front of the camera! You might just surprise yourself while you’re at it.