How to hang your family portraits – now offering in-home consultation services

I don’t know where to start – I still have the portraits from our past 5 sessions sitting in the gift bag from when I received my package.

gift bag final

Sound or look familiar?

I have been hearing these words for almost 12 years from my clients and they break my heart every time.

mantel pictures final

My family portraits hang proudly on the walls of our home and they bring me great joy every single day. I want you to have the same experience of joy – a daily dose of love staring you in the face. Like this guy:

framed picture dog final

Sounds good, right?

This is Carrie’s gallery wall along her staircase – simple, beautiful, and a joy to see every time she and her family and friends pass by.  When Carrie started working with me, she confessed that her years of prints had never made it to the wall! We soon remedied that:

gallery wall

Ready to have this in your home?
headshot Danielle

Danielle to the rescue!

Inspiring you to hang your family portraits as art in your beautiful homes has always been a goal of mine. Many of you have made significant investments in my photography only to find yourself overwhelmed and perhaps too scared to hang your portraits on your walls.

I’m officially available for in-home consultations. I am ready to help you plan your family galleries. I will even help you hang portraits if that’s what it takes.  I’m ready for the challenge. Get in touch and we’ll book a time and get started!