Bringing you the beauty of belonging

As part of the new website, our goal is to start blogging. But where to start? Carrie and I thought we’d start with something that means a lot to me.

In the world of photography, what means the most to me?

Seeing the people I love in photographs. Real, beautiful, colourful prints hung on a wall. I want everyone to have beautiful pictures, that’s why I’m a photographer. I am often asked about digital files and I am conflicted because I want to satisfy my customers and yet I want the art I create to be hung in your homes.

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You might be saying to yourself “she’s just trying to sell more prints.” But that’s not it.

I want you to have beautiful pictures of your family to hang in your home because I see and feel the real value of those pictures. I always tell people how family portraits boost a child’s self-esteem. But don’t just take my word for it. Take a moment and read what this article from the Design Aglow blog has to say.

Am I going to suddenly stop offering digital files?  No.  I know I’d have a riot on my hands.

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I am going to keep inspiring you to order ready to hang portraits. On this blog, Carrie and I are going to keep exploring this theme. We’re going to show you that you are a part of something very special, you belong. We want you to cherish that belonging every day.